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A Party Bus over a Traditional Limo

When I was looking for a stretch limo, I knew that I had a few different options. I looked at each one, and I ended up going with the Platinum party bus company for a few different reasons. The main one is because of their prices. Of all the quotes that I got, their quote was the best one. I knew that it would cost a bit of money for a stretch limo because it is a luxury after all, but some of the companies wanted way too much for one.

The second reason is because I saw that I would not be getting a stretch limo after all. That might sound odd since that is what I was looking for, but I changed my mind on what I wanted as soon as I saw the fleet. I thought that I wanted a long white stretch limo, but I was not expecting to see other options that were much more appealing to me. As soon as I saw the party buses, I was hooked. I was able to look at pictures of both the interior as well as the exterior, and they were just too nice.

The stretch limos are nice too, but the price is just too good for the party bus for me, and probably anyone else as well, to pass up. I like that they are so roomy that people can move freely about in one. I also like that they are luxuriously outfitted with leather seats, tables, a bar, a state of the art sound system, laser lights, and much more. I was able to get a quote really fast too. I liked the price I was given, so I went ahead and booked it on the spot. It was definitely worth it for me to go this route!